12 October 2011

Retirees publishing their memoirs

 This morning, instead of trawling through journal articles for my essay like I was supposed to, I went link hopping instead, and found the most wonderful article about retirees publishing their memoirs.

Isn't this great? The article only mentions those that self-published in print copy, (one woman paid $25,000 to get her book out there - which is alright if you have that kind of money hanging around) but think of the possibilities that e-pubbing gives!

What I love the most is that it doesn't seem as if they're doing it to make money, or become famous, but because they want their stories to be around when they no longer are, for their families and for those might be able to learn something from their experiences.

I am definitely doing this - as long as something happens in my life that's worth writing about...

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